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Welcome to Novitas Innovation

Novitas Innovation is a consultancy and research company that assists public agencies and organisations in understanding sustainable and green innovation and linking this understanding to innovation policy and initiatives. A key focus is how public private partnerships can help solve today's global challenges. Novitas Innovation's customers include public agencies, regions, municipalities, cluster organisations and research units.

We collaborate with a large network of partners in areas such as research, strategy, design, innovation, corporate social responsibility and environmental concerns. 

Our office is based at DTU Science Park in Copenhagen.


Anthology with 10 short stories about the world in 2047
Together with 9 other authors from around the world, Tanja has written a short story about what the world will look like in 2047 based on what we know about climate change, pollution, resource depletion etc. We wrote the book to commemorate the work done by the UN's Brundtland Commission in 1987.Read about the anthology here 


New service
Novitas Innovation is working with Hybrid Kommunkation to offer a new service focusing on communicating companies work with sustainability. Read Danish version her. For an English translation, please contact me.


The Business Case for Eco-Innovation  
Novitas Innovation has helped UNEP develop the publication The Business Case for Eco-Innovation. 
The Business Case for Eco-Innovation


What is sustainable innovation?
Green innovation, CSR innovation or sustainable innovation – there are many names for the new sources of innovation that can be used by companies and organisations today. But what exactly is this new source of innovation? And how can it be used? Read the article and be inspired!
Sustainable Innovation